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Sketch of Llantwit Major town square from the Old Swan Inn. Drawn by a member of Draw Llantwit Dylunio Llanilltud group

Draw Llantwit - Dylunio Llanilltud

Draw Llantwit - Dylunio Llanilltud is a free sketching group for anyone to come and join in around Llantwit Major. No experience or drawing skills necessary, please just bring something to draw with (and draw on) if you have them. 


What to bring: Biro, pencil, an old envelope, some printer paper, something to lean on like a piece of cardboard, whatever you have lying around... you don't need a fancy sketchbook (I'll try to remember to bring some spare materials along if you don't have anything at home - Sarah).


What to draw: The view, buildings, plants, other sketchers, or whatever appeals to you. Please ask if you need some inspiration.

Where and when to meet: We will most likely be meeting initially at one of the locations in the map below. When a location and time is arranged I will post it below. This will be updated periodically. 

How to get in touch: Via the facebook group (search on the same name as this page / click here) or using the contact form below. We are investigating communications that are not on facebook. Please let us know if you have any questions or suggestions. 

Next meeting: (weather dependent)

Monday 17th June 12.30pm. Meet half way up the steps from the beach (from the road side not the cafe side) - map link.

Please use the form below to let us know your preferred time, or use the doodle poll here:

Most popular time so far: Monday lunchtime or Wed or Thurs nights from 6.30pm. 

Past meetings:

Wednesday 12th June 6.30 -7.30pm, town square. 

About this page: This page is hosted by local artist and illustrator Sarah Hannis. Please ask if you are interested in guided sketching sessions, sketch walks or nature journaling.

Got questions or suggestions?

Thanks for submitting!

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